Hans, is amazing. One moment he is helping teachers use onCampus in French class, the next moment he is helping admission enroll families in onBoard. If you have a question about the β€œON” Products, he is your man.
— Will Caulford, Hampton Roads Academy

Blackbaud's K-12 software products are redefining school communication.

We started using Blackbaud K-12's products back in the Whipplehill days. Although we don't work for the company we're big fans. We offer a range of services to help schools use the "ON" Products effectively.


"ON" Product Adoption

Whether you're considering adding one of the "ON" Products to your school or you're going for a full install we can help!

  • Adoption consultation
  • Inter-department goal setting & strategy
  • Onsite training & support
  • Strategic page, course & form building

Onsite Training

Sometimes teachers and administrators learn best in a hands-on environment. Want to know how teachers should really use onCampus in a classroom setting? Want to hear from someone who has been in the admission and enrollment trenches to help optimize onBoard? Our onsite training combines high level product instruction, customized focus on the individual school, and an educators approach to instruction.

  • onCampus training for teachers
  • onBoard optimization for admissions
  • onMessage audit for marketing & communications
  • onRecord setup for the registrar

Interim Webmaster

Of course the best approach is to have an internal webmaster who can manage your website and all the "ON" Products. From time to time we've found that schools need an interim webmaster either to support the current staff or to bridge the gap until a permanent solution is found. Our remote interim webmaster service has been developed to fill this need.

  • Site safety and oversight
  • First tier support for faculty and administrators
  • Page building & product optimization
  • Optional onsite consultation available