Video With an Audience of One

Sometimes you create video with the hope that it will go viral and reach thousands of people. Other times you have a smaller audience in mind like your parents or students. But should you ever create video for just one person?

The concierge approach to video makes sense when you are in a very specific situation:

  • You have a relatively small number of very high value prospects
  • You can produce an authentic best style video relatively quickly
  • You have a story to tell or a desired outcome in mind

I've seen schools use this approach with high-value donors. For example if you have a parent who contributes more than a certain threshold amount (different for each school) send them a thank you video twice a year from the Director of Development with details on the impact of their giving. 

Admitted students have many options. Try creating a personalized video for each admitted student from the Director of Admission demonstrating the kind of customized experience they will have at your school and encouraging them to enroll.

This holiday season I wanted to thank the schools and non-profits who made 2014 a successful year as I launched my new company. Rather than send a card I created a personalized video for each client. My goals were to say thank you and to have a little fun. I didn't have a call to action in this piece as the only desired outcome was for each person to feel good!

I packaged each video in a little email which again said thank you and encouraged folks to watch the video. The response was great - one school shared the video with their entire faculty! I also received many thank you emails in response to my holiday video.

What do you think? Would you like to get a personalized video message? Do you use the concierge approach to video? Let us know in the comments!