Nobody Tells This To Beginners

I came across the video above while watching some Devin Supertramp awesomeness. It really struck a chord with me. For years I never considered myself a particularly creative person. I admit this belief is insane: as members of the human race we all have the ability within ourselves to be creative. But I didn't see it. For me what was missing was a set of tools to express that creativity.

When I found video editing I fell in love. I became obsessed. In fact I remember spending way too much money to buy a Mac just so I could edit video. But I had a problem. The work I was doing wasn't particularly good. I remember showing a video I made to someone I really respected only to have it shot down. I was crushed but when I look back I understand why the video never saw the light of day: it just wasn't that good.

That gap between love for a medium, excitement for creating, and the taste to appreciate good work on the one side and actually being able to produce good work on the other side is what Ira Glass is talking about. Check out the full video of his remarks here.

What do you think? How do you close the gap between taste and skill? How do we help our students do that? Let me know in the comments!