Video for an Audience of One (Case Study)

Video has incredible power at the top of the admission and fundraising funnel. Authentic style video shot from your phone or tablet offers families an insider's view of the school while authentic best content artfully communicates the value of your institution. In both cases it's important for as many people as possible watch what you've made.

But what about creating a video for just one person?

Toward the bottom of the funnel it's incredibly powerful to create customized and personalized content for high-value prospects such as:

  • FAMILIES who are accepted to the school (but haven't yet enrolled)
  • DONORS who made significant gifts in the past (and may do so again in the future)
  • Valuable PARTNERS who contribute to significantly advancing your institution (and who may continue to do so in the future)

The comprehensive plan to nurture, protect, and care for a relationship with a prospect is known as stewardship and applies just as much to admission as it does to development.

Last year I launched a video voicemail campaign to see how video for an audience of one really worked. Here's what I did:

  • Made a list of the clients I had worked with during the past year. There were about a dozen clients. Some I had done significant work with, others just a single engagement.
  • Created a video storyboard that had a personalized section and a general section
  • Recorded the general section first (this part would be in every video)
  • Recorded the personalized section next (this part would be specific to each client)
  • Edited the two parts together into a dozen different videos
  • Emailed each client directly with a link to the video

You can see one example of these videos at the top of the post.

All of this took a full day of work so I wanted to make sure that my efforts paid off. Here is what I found:

  • Every person except for one to whom I sent a video sent a personal reply back thanking me
  • Every video had more than one view indicating that the recipient watched the video more than once
  • One video had more than 50 views indicating that the recipient shared the video quite widely

Was it worth it? For sure! I really wanted to sincerely say thank you to all of my clients and I think I achieved that objective. In fact I'm already starting to think about the video I'll make this year.

What do you think? Do you produce video for an audience of one? Are you planning to? Let us know in the comments!