Behind the Scenes of "1 Morning in 1 Minute"

Sant Bani School (where my children attend and I sit on the board) recently expressed a set of concerns:

  • Families have a great experience visiting campus... but more families need to get in the door
  • Recent facility and program upgrades are remarkable... but many internal and external audiences aren't aware of all the updates

Sound familiar? I think many independent schools struggle with these two issues. Video can be a very effective tool to solve these problems because video can SHOW a great deal in a short period of time without having to SAY anything.

I'm on the road for work so we were under incredible time pressure to make it happen. Here's how it all went down.


We only had a half day of filming so we knew we would need to:

  • Keep the final video short, preferably under 60 seconds
  • Make it delightful, fun, upbeat, and energetic
  • Feature each age student
  • Highlight newly renovated classrooms and outdoor spaces

On the up-side the pre-dawn start was made easier by having Luke from Interlakes helping out as a student intern. Also we had plenty of Brother's Doughnuts and coffee.

On the down-side the cold killed one of my drone batteries and it was a fairly cloudy morning. Luckily the sun peaked out just enough so we could get the opening shot and my other batteries let us get the drone into the air.

The rest of the morning was a whirlwind of filming. The school was incredibly well organized and helpful in letting us peek in to get shots during the course of the day.

We chose a song from Musicbed prior to wrapping for the day and it was off to editing.


Editing a half-day of footage into 60 seconds meant we left tons of great shots out. Making hard decisions about great shots was made easier when we kept coming back to our goals for the video:

  • Does it express something uniquely awesome about the school?
  • Does it visually tell a story about the facility or program?
  • Do we keep the students at the center of the story?


My hero for the day (other than intern Luke) was the AllSteady 6. This sucker gave us really smooth moving shots that really added to the dynamic feel and energy of the video.

Other than that - I shot everything on my Canon T3i with a Sigma lens. Pretty straight forward.

What do you think? Have questions about how we made the video? Let us know in the comments!