3 Strategies for a Successful Video Package

So you've made a couple of marketing videos and you're ready for a full package? How do you approach this daunting task? Here are three tips from a recent project for Chatham Hall.

  • Make a Plan - create a plan going into the project for the number, format, and location of the finished videos. Videos made for your website will be different than those created for social media. But don't feel like you should be locked into the plan. If you discover a cool story during filming or editing run with it. It might result in something awesome!
  • Talk about Emotion - the vibe or feeling of your content is as important as the overt messages. Talk about the desired feelings and subtle messages the content should portray. I'm always wondering, "how informal can I be? How on-message should I stay?" A discussion about emotion can help answer these questions before you start to edit.
  • Obsess over Music - Music is so important to a project we select it before we begin to edit. Use a service like Musicbed to select a range of tracks that you feel fit the mood. Work with the school and even the adult in the video to pick the best track. Once the music is locked down make it the first thing you add to the project once you start to edit.

There you go! Some tips for a successful video package! What do you think? Do you have questions? Let us know in the comments!