Half my traffic came from this one video (but it's not the one you were expecting)

Fully half of my YouTube views last month came from this video. In fact this little fellah has more than 1700 views. That's pretty awesome. I've definitely made more complicated videos which get much lower views.

But wait, you ask, what do Excel tutorials have to do with school marketing?

  • YOU'RE THE EXPERT - There's something your school is good at. In fact you might even be an expert. When you create useful content you position yourself as a thought leader.
  • YOU'RE THE HERO - If you're watching my Excel graphing video chances are it's because (wait for it) you need to make a graph in Excel. That's 1700 people who I was able to help with their homework. Pretty awesome. When you create useful content you're a hero to someone in need!
  • YOU'RE THE HOOK - Once you've helped someone out it's fair to ask them to learn more about you! Put a link in the video description or a card right inside the video. In fact I recently found that compelling content spills over into traffic on the rest of your site.

Would you like 1700 people to think of you as a heroic expert? Interested in using helpful content to widen your funnel? Try making a tutorial video based on something you are really good at!

What do you think? Have you had success with tutorial videos? Let us know in the comments!