My 6 Favorite Drone Shots

Did you get a drone for Christmas? If so you might have taken it out for a flight by now and have the hang of flying it. Now you're ready to make your first video!

The first time I set out to film with my drone I made a common error: I flew too high and too fast. The footage was cool because I was really high up... but not that interesting after the first few seconds.

Here are my favorite drone shots to help you make an interesting video. See the sample content below and shot descriptions to follow.

Shot 1: Push

This is the simplest shot. Fly toward your subject... but don't forget to stop before you smack into a building or tree!

Shot 2: Pull

Similar to the push this shot requires only forward and backward movement. By pulling backward you can dramatically reveal an object in the shot.

Shot 3: Tracking

This shot can be pretty dramatic especially if you have a row of buildings or other subjects in a line that you can reveal. Be careful when the drone is at the end of the track as you might not be able to tell when it's too close to a hazard. If you'd like you can station a spotter at the end (out of shot) who can let you know if you stray too close.

Shot 4: Tracking Turn

This one is my favorite. It can be hard to pull off because you're flying with both sticks at the same time but with a little practice this can produce a very dramatic shot.

Shot 5: Crane (up or down)

If you have a new building to highlight you'll want to use a crane shot. Start low and the audience won't even know you are using a drone... until suddenly you launch into the sky!

Shot 6: Moving Crane

Dual moves are awesome because you're changing two things at once to create a stimulating visual image. Changing elevation and horizontal position is an easy way to do this.

What do you think? Have you made a drone video? Do you have another favorite shot? Let us know in the comments!