Participants tell me how my workshop went in a way I wasn't expecting!

I recently did a video production workshop for the Pennsylvania Association of Independent Schools. It's always great to work with the amazing and talented Kim Sivick and the workshop participants were awesome.

We were working on a style of video I call authentic which is shot, edited and uploaded all from a phone or tablet. During a breakout session using the Person on the Street storyboard the participants were tasked with asking a question and collecting answers from other attendees.

This storyboard can be used at schools and non-profits in a variety of ways. Ask students about their favorite subject, lunch item, or memory and magic often happens! Teachers, alumni, and parents can also feature in a person on the street interview.

When the participants came back and we shared the videos they had made I was floored! I'm very grateful they allowed me to post the video here so you can see their work!

What do you think? Could you use authentic style video at your school or non-profit? Have you made a 'person on the street' video before? Let us know in the comments!