How does your school make complex decisions?

I once started to console a basketball coach friend of mine who lost a close game.

"No," he interrupted me, "we played really well... I don't judge a game on the last shot."

He was right: the whole game was filled with strategic coaching choices and tactical moves by the players. It was this series of complex decisions that lost the game... not a lucky shot at the buzzer.

I'm reminded of this story when I see a school blame a device or a vendor when a tech initiative goes awry. It's entirely possible that the iPad or Chromebook is to blame but it's equally possible it was the process of strategic choices and tactical moves that caused the device to fail to meet expectations.

Here's an exercise: the next time something goes really well instead of celebrating and moving on ask yourself these questions:

  • What was the process that led us to this success?
  • How did we make the complex decisions that led to this point?
  • How can we improve the process so we are even more likely to get it right in the future?

It's much easier to take apart your successes than to rationalize your failures.

You never know, it could be that you had great process and the success was inevitable... or it could be you got a lucky shot before the buzzer.

What do you think... how do you make strategic technology decisions? Let us know in the comments!