AllSteady 6 Review

I recently started filming with an AllSteady 6 by TurboAce. Here are a few thoughts after just two days of filming with what is quickly becoming my new favorite gadget:

Customer Service

I had a couple of questions about my order and I needed to change the ship address. Both times I called I got right through to a knowledgeable and friendly human. Nice!


I haven't used other gimbals but this sucker feels solid. The components are heavy duty and feel great in the hand. My only complaint is the battery plug feels a little flimsy and I'll definitely need to be careful plugging it in to charge. 


The case is a super rugged Pelican style case. I didn't have a problem checking the gimbal on the flight home from a recent shoot. Bomb proof.


Initial setup and balancing took about an hour. The tutorial video provided by TurboAce was great and I also checked out another one that was helpful. The second time I balanced it I got everything going in about 15 minutes. I've used both a Glidecam and now the AllSteady and I can certainly say the AllSteady is easier to balance. The included stand is very helpful and the device is less finicky than the Glidecam.


This gimbal is a treat to use. The first time I took it out I didn't set it to the right weight. This is as simple as double clicking the joystick. Once I did that it was awesome. Speaking of the joystick I found this part of the gimbal incredibly useful. If I wanted to tilt the camera up to shoot at the ceiling (as for the chapel shots) it was easy to make that adjustment on the fly. I need to figure out a better way to change the aperture and ISO on the fly... I think I'll move the stand with me to different locations so I can set the gimbal up on the stand and make changes.

All in all I'm very pleased with this piece of gear - I still have a lot to learn and I haven't tried it out in any of the other modes. What do you think? Have you used a gimbal before? Are you looking forward to the Ronin or Ronin M? What questions do you have about stabilizers?

Let me know in the comments!