Three Reasons To Conduct a Technology Audit This Year

Should you conduct a technology audit for your school this year? Here are three reasons why you should consider taking the plunge:

That's a Cool Idea

Does your school have a creative, innovative, or exciting technology initiative coming up this year? If so you might be asking questions about your readiness for change. Technology initiatives often succeed or fail for a variety of technical and programatic reasons. Is your school ready to give your awesome idea the best possible chance to succeed?

That's Broken

It's often easy to see that a technology initiative isn't fully effective. It's sometimes less easy to figure out what's wrong. There are three broad elements to any successful technology initiative:

  • Devices and infrastructure
  • Philosophy and curriculum
  • Training and support

If something isn't working do you need help figuring out the reasons why?

That's Expensive

Technology initiatives aren't cheap, touch every aspect of the school, and often are fully understood by a relatively small number of people. Does this sound like another area of your institution? If you said your finances you are absolutely correct. Finances are audited regularly by an unbiased outside party. Shouldn't your technology program be audited regularly as well?

What do you think? Will you conduct a technology audit this year? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!