Success Story: Westminster Academy

In the first episode of Success Story I featured Lee Sullivan's awesome video from The New School. This week it's Mandy Cantrell at Westminster Academy in Memphis! Mandy took our free webinar 'Make Video With Your Phone.' (By the way... that free webinar series was so well attended I turned it into an online course... still free!)

What is your role at the school?

I am the Marketing Coordinator for Westminster Academy.

What prompted you to feature a typical day in your video?

When prospective parents come for a tour they are able to see firsthand how our model of education is distinct from the typical school environment. We believe that whereas a still photograph can be worth a thousand words, a well thought-out, brief video has the potential to bring the life and message of our school to those who may not come for a tour. It also builds community among our current families, as well as giving them a tool to share with their friends what makes our school so different.

What devices/software did you use?  

I used my personal Samsung 5 phone with Video Show as my software.

How long did the process take?  

It didn’t take more than a couple of hours. Considering it was my first time to use the software and I was trying to remember everything I learned from your webinar, I was surprised it was so quick and easy. It takes much less time now!

Anything that worked well or didn’t work well? 

I would say that you packed a lot of great information into your webinar. The information was purposeful and practical. I was surprised at how easy it was to walk around the school taking short videos that became a story in a very short amount of time with little effort.

What has the response been?  

Current parents loved it!  It received a high view rate and a high share rate on Facebook. We were able to use social media to more effectively tell our story to an otherwise unreached audience.

Pretty cool to see what Mandy came up with! What do you think? Do you have questions about how this video came together? Have a video you'd like to share? Want to take the free course yourself? Let us know in the comments!