Making Home Pages!

Over the last few months I've had the honor to work with a few schools on their home pages. Check out the gallery above and the links below to see more!

  • New Hampton School - It was a bluebird day and one of my first real trips out for aerial photos. I'm really psyched they chose to feature my photography on their homepage!
  • Rocky Hill School - We worked on a short video that would tell the story of this lovely school. I was very excited when they decided to feature the video on their homepage!
  • Proctor Academy - The day started out foggy and we thought it wouldn't be good for aerials. When the fog burnt off leaving wisps behind the result was a lovely morning!
  • Sant Bani School - It's remarkable how many schools love the '1 Morning in 1 Minute' video I made with SBS. Not only is the final product featured on the homepage one of the photos is a full bleed banner image as well.
  • The Derryfield School - I didn't personally have anything to do with this homepage. All the credit for that goes to the school and the designers. My input was early in the process through a web audit that led to the school knowing just what they needed going into a redesign.

What do you think? Do you like these home pages? Let me know in the comments!