What I learned by watching Aaron Draplin's creative process

I recently stumbled across this video on Wired and I was instantly hooked. I find something incredibly compelling about creative people who offer a look into their process.

Here are a few semi-random things I took away from watching this video.

Start light, fast & easy

Draplin starts with simple tools when he begins a project. This allows the ideas to flow and thoughts to morph without technical limitations or barriers. I often mock up web and video concepts in Notability or even Keynote because of how fast I can go. 


I love Draplin's method of making a version, duplicating it, and then building on it for the next iteration. This not only allows him to always fall back to an earlier version if the creative tree branches off in another direction, but it also gives him different versions to go back to the client with.

Be creatively fearless

It's reassuring to hear a creatively successful person acknowledge that every branching might not be immediately valuable. I like seeing how he plays out a thread without judgement and then moves on. This seems to allow an idea to sit and be for a while and to become valuable in a non-obvious way.

Freelancing is creatively interesting

Draplin's thoughts on giving up security for creative freedom really resonate with me. Many of my random personal projects have sent me off in fascinating creative directions that I really appreciate. Often those projects directly inform my paid work... but even if they don't they still help me grow.

What do you think? What resonated with you about Draplin's creative process? Let us know in the comments!