Admission Video Season!

It's March 10th and in the independent school admission world that means one thing: decisions are going out! Along with that big envelope (or email) schools are increasingly creating video content to welcome students to the school and to encourage them to enroll. Here are a few of projects we had the pleasure to work on this admission cycle - and a little back story on each.

My Philosophy, My School

Your students are the best messengers when telling the story of your school. What happens when students don't talk about the school directly but instead share their personal beliefs and passions? It turns out when personal philosophy resonates with the mission of the school a powerful message emerges.

Welcome to Husky Nation

Everyone wants to be in the admission video... sometimes it's hard to give everyone enough time in one project. One strategy is to paint the complete picture of the school in a fast-paced, energetic video. Everyone can see something they connect with... and the fast pace is exciting and rewards re-watching and sharing.

Welcome to the Upper School

In a school with multiple divisions it can be hard to tell a single story that resonates with every audience. Parents interested in 9th grade have different questions from a parent looking at kindergarten. One strategy is to create different videos for each division!

Of course there is no one kind of video that works best for all schools. Every approach is different and each school is unique. Did you create an admission video this year? Let us know in the comments!