Your awesome video is done... now what?!

Congratulations! You've worked hard to plan, film, and edit your latest masterpiece. You've even given all the important stakeholders a chance to offer feedback. Which they did. At length.

The final file is happily sitting on your hard drive. So... now what should you do?

Back It Up

We're not saying anything is going to happen to your hard drive... but something is going to happen to your hard drive. First of all back up your completed gem to make sure that it isn't lost to the gods of the lightning strike. If your department has a shared drive or cloud storage drop the file there and make sure to tag or organize it properly according to whatever scheme you use.

Give It a Home

Now it's time to give the video a permanent home. The media gallery on your website is a perfect place. Don't have a media gallery? No worries, YouTube, Vimeo, and Wistia all make a perfectly fine home base.

Give It a Name & Description

The name of the video should be simple, easy to understand, and include the name of your school. Also include the full name of the school in the description along with a link to your homepage. Make sure your description also includes key words relating to your institution like if you are a boarding or day school and where you are located. YouTube lets you set your default description so all you need to do is tweak it every time you upload a video.

Share on Social Media

Now it's time to get the word out! Post a link to the video's home base on your social channels. If you'd like you could also include a few key people in the post. For example if a teacher appears in the video and they are also active on social media you could @mention them. After an initial round of posts wait a week or two and do it again. 

Share in an Email Newsletter

Do you send out a weekly email newsletter? Place a link to the video in there! If you find it boring to use a simple text link you could take a screen shot from your video and make that into a link!

Click the image above to check out the video!

Click the image above to check out the video!

Not sure how to take a screen shot? Check out this helpful resource to help you get started.

Update: Some pro-tips for sending out videos in an email blast:

Consider the best time to send out an email blast. You don’t want your message to get lost with other school communications. For example don’t send it out at the end of the day on Friday when people are heading home from work. Monday morning is better!

A good subject line also helps. Who is sending out the email? What is the audience? Often a video for a parent audience can also work for a alumni audience if the messaging around the email changes slightly.

Finally don’t forget about the user experience. How many times does a person have to click before they view your video? Why are you sending the video? What action do you want people who watch your video to take? Do you have a mechanism for tracking who opens the video... and what they do after they watch?
— Kristie Gonzales, Nashoba Brooks School

Give it a Second Home

Often video content supports other content on your website. Consider adding selected videos to key landing pages or program pages on your site. This should be pretty easy because the video already has a home base. Perhaps your site supports building pages with video from the media gallery. If not you can use the embed code from a third party video host.

Build a Library for Strategery

Being strategic is cool... strategery is even cooler. If you build up a library of content you can selectively use it when it's needed. Perhaps you have a great prospect who is interested in a particular program and you want to pull out all the stops in recruiting them? Send them a school flash drive with a couple of carefully selected videos on it. Have a donor you're cultivating? Send them a personal email appeal with a video describing the program they love.

Learn and Grow

Odds are there is something pretty darn awesome about the video (I mean come on... you made it!). On the other hand there may be something about the process or product that didn't quite go as planned. Your next video will be even better because of everything you learned while making this one!

What do you think? Did I leave anything out? What do you do after you've made a great video? Let us know in the comments!