Two Ways to Replace a Screen in Final Cut Pro X

Working with Blackbaud K-12 is always awesome. This project was particularly satisfying because we had the chance to visit a great school and tell a compelling story.

Going into the shoot we knew we would do a bunch of screen replacements. This decision allowed us to:

  • Make narrative decisions late in the editing process
  • Protect sensitive student information by creating fake family profiles
  • Work with glare or smudgy screens
  • Save time while filming

As we wrapped up filming each of the characters in the video we knew we needed to get three extra shots:

  • The 'hero' shot of them looking at the camera
  • An over-the-shoulder phone or tablet action shot
  • An over-the-shoulder laptop or desktop action shot

Once I got everything organized in Final Cut Pro X I replaced the screens with a placeholder. After the edit was locked we set about choosing the best content and swapped that in for the placeholder.

What do you think? Have you ever done screen replacement? What is your favorite method? Let us know in the comments! By the way... there is one screen in the video that I didn't replace... can you find it?