Social Media Benchmark Data for Schools

Here are a few questions I'm asked on a regular basis:

  • How many times should we post to Facebook per week?
  • How many followers should we expect to have on Twitter?
  • Are our social media efforts producing results?

If you've also asked these questions... take heart! You're not alone!

But here's the thing... measuring social media effectiveness is highly subjective. Large urban schools in competitive markets should have different numbers than small rural schools with fewer competitors.

When you set out to answer these key questions a good place to start is a competitive analysis. How do you stack up against your peers and competitors? School enrollment can affect the size of your audience and reach (more students equals more parents equals more possible people to follow your Facebook page). To better compare apples to apples consider your follower numbers as a ratio of your student population.

To help you get started I compiled some benchmark data based on the Business Insider's most expensive schools list. Note that this list only included boarding schools so the data might be off if you are a day school.

Click to enlarge

What do you think? Where does your school stack up compared to the benchmark data? Let us know in the comments!