Success Story: Video Posted to Facebook Earns 50,000 Views

Central Catholic High School in Lawrence, MA has a loyal following, a strong personality, and a good sense of its brand. So when Director of Admission Christopher Merrill '89 reached out to me to create a video for the school I jumped at the chance. I was also a little nervous - how to capture all of the awesome that is CCHS in 2-3 minutes while making sure the piece resonates not only with prospective families, but also current families and alumni?

We started by brainstorming the iconic images that had to go into the video. Over that we added the story elements that would tie the narrative thread of the story together. We filmed on location for two days over two weeks and the result is the video you see above.

When Chris told me the video had reached nearly 50,000 views on Facebook I was impressed! He had uploaded the video directly to Facebook which is a good start but how had he reached so many views? Chris reports they spent a few hundred dollars in promoting the video but the real impact came from the hundreds of shares and interactions the video got from the CCHS community.

Here are a few technical details:

  • Main camera: Sony A7s
  • Lenses: Rokinon primes: 24mm, 85mm & Canon prime: 50mm
  • Moving shots: DJI Osmo
  • Drone: DJI Phantom 4
  • Mic: Audio-Technica AT875R shotgun mic
  • Music: You and Me by Ben Rector licensed at
  • I didn't know you could embed Facebook video on other sites but it turns out you can

What do you think? What kinds of experiences have you had with video on Facebook? Let us know in the comments!