Teaching Creativity Using Final Cut Pro X: Slides from Apple Hosted Event

I had the good fortune to work with a talented group of folks from Apple to present at an event in Natick, MA around Final Cut Pro X (FCPX), Logic Pro X and MainStage. My mandate was simple: tell the story of my film class in 30 minutes with 15 minutes for Q&A.

To be honest that was a little scary - the audience would be film teachers, digital story tellers, and media professors. I don't feel like I'm an FCPX expert and my film experience is completely self taught!

So I thought I would tell the story of one of the biggest struggles I face as a teacher in general: helping students have original ideas and communicate those ideas so they are interesting to the audience.

Many of my students have two big misconceptions about making films:
  • If you watch movies you have the skills to make movies
  • Funny people are born funny
Much of the work I've done in film class has been around taking these two misconceptions apart and putting them back together into two new ideas:
  • Making movies is incredibly hard work that takes hours and hours per finished minute of film
  • 'Funny' is a process that can be learned, practiced, and honed
Overall it was a great event with such talent and passion from Dan, Steve, Victor, and Tom on the Apple side and great questions and generosity from the participants! Here are my slides from the event and the videos I talk about in the presentation.

Update 6/27/14:
I've had a number of questions, links and ideas come in since yesterday so I thought I'd answer them here:

If you have more questions please let me know in the comments or send me an email.


Teaching Creativity Using Apple Final Cut Pro X from Hans Mundahl

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