ISANNE Video / Social Media Intensive

They're Here! Participants Arrive for Video / Social Media Intensive

At first I was totally stressed by the huge turn out at the ISANNE video / social media intensive workshop I recently led. So many people had signed up from so many schools and a variety of different positions I wasn't sure how to proceed. How to craft a message that would be relevant to so many different people?

In the end I decided to take a deep breath and trust in what I believe: telling stories is a compelling way to market independent schools and video / social media are great tools for telling stories.

In the end the day was a huge success thanks to ISANNE brilliantly organizing the logistics, the lovely setting on the campus of New Hampton School and the willing participants who jumped into the hands-on sessions with energy!

Here are a few things I learned from the day:
  • There is a huge need in the independent school marketing community to figure out best practices around video / social media
  • There is a significant capacity within our community of things we've tried and got right
  • Video isn't as hard as folks thought it was (we even made some video in about 1.5 hours!)
  • Social media has matured overall, but there are still new tools emerging that may or may not be important for us (Facebook most everyone is using... Pinterest inspired a lively debate)
Here are some of the videos we made together!

If you attended the workshop what did you take away from the sessions? If you couldn't make it what are your needs around video / social media? Let us know in the comments!