iPad Deployment with Teacher-Led Mini-Lessons

There are many ways to do an iPad deployment. One method I like is to ask teachers to lead mini-lessons at the start of school to train students in iPad use.

This does a couple of important things:

  • It puts training in the hands of the most qualified adults in your community: the educators
  • It engages teachers in a conversation about what iPad tasks are important enough to include in the first days of class
  • It positions teachers as iPad experts
Before you ask teachers to give up class time there are few conversations you'll need to have... okay there are MANY conversations you'll need to have!

For example you might:

  • Gather a deployment working group
  • Articulate goals 
  • Set configuration and deployment tasks 
  • Determine timelines and roles 
  • Develop a training plan and supporting materials 
  • Launch your device deployment and mini-lessons 
  • Assess your deployment process 
  • Provide ongoing support

What do you think - do you like this idea? How did you roll out your iPad program? Let us know in the comments!