The 'Check out what I made on my phone' video challenge!

It's a common trap in communications to not make anything for fear of making something that isn't good enough.

One way to get around this issue is to give yourself permission to make something that is short, fun, not laser focused on message, and with low production value. I call this kind of video 'Authentic' because it is a quick, authentic look into your organization.

Use this kind of video for:
  • Cool things you notice while walking around campus
  • Celebrating events on campus like curriculum night, homecoming or parent weekend
  • Quick turn around when you don't have much time or equipment
Here's how to make an 'Authentic' style video right from your iPhone:
  • Bring your phone around with you all the time
  • Get one of these and tuck it into your bag or pocket
  • When something is happening open the camera app (included with your phone) and shoot a few short clips in the 5-10 second range (longer clips will take too long to edit)
  • When you have a few minutes of footage open the iMovie app ($4.99 or free with new phone)
  • Edit together your clips in 2-3 second cuts, don't make your movie longer than a minute
  • Add some royalty free music you bought on the iTunes store
  • Upload to YouTube
In my conversation with Dan last week I talked about this in more detail:

In case you missed it here is the video I made from my phone to see how it would go.

Go ahead and make something this week! What should you make a video about? How about something easy: whatever is happening this week. Try one of these topics or think of your own!

  • Lunch
  • Getting your kids ready for school
  • Getting yourself ready for work
  • Walking the dog
  • Meetings
  • Classes
  • Arts
  • Athletics
  • Doing homework
  • Helping someone with homework
  • Your room
  • Your house
  • Your campus
  • Your pets
If you make something send me the link and I'll feature it on next week's Conversation with Dan!