Inspirations and Ideas from #PAIS14 (the maker edition)

Opening Keynote by John Chubb, President NAIS
The Pennsylvania Association of Independent School's annual conference was a fantastic event marked with fascinating keynotes, massive attendance and a beautiful setting. Many thanks to Kim Sivick for organizing!

It exciting to meet folks in real life who I've known for some time on Twitter (hi @jonathanemartin) and make new friends (@fyasharian, @karenblumberg, @adambellow and others!). It was also remarkable to see how much interest there was in project-based learning, deeper learning, and the maker movement.

Here are a few inspirations, ideas and resources I took away from the conference!

Every conference should have a Maker Playground in the vendor area with both high tech goodies and low tech ideas.

Kinetic sculpture in the Maker Playground
I loved the idea of buying a cheap quadcopter, removing the case and asking students to design and build a new chassis. Take a look at this example build with a 3D printer.
Student built quadcopter with 3D printed chassis
How about a design project for makers challenging students to make something interesting from a plastic bottle?

I loved hearing about the engineering process and how it differs from the scientific process.

Invent to Learn seems like a great resource for makers and tinkerers.

Also here is the most inspiring scotch commercial ever (not kidding).

Sadly I lost a great article on educating through failure - help, can anyone point me to it?

And many many thanks to the talented and kind Hadley Ferguson for the ride to the train station. Check out her new book Unleashing Student Superpowers!

Did you attend #PAIS14? What were your favorite memories and most useful takeaways? Let us know in the comments!