Cereal the T-Shirt: a Crowd Funding / Social Media Experiment

Kickstarter for T-Shirts
I was turned on to TeeSpring a few days ago by a colleague and I thought I would give it a try. TeeSpring is a crowd funding platform for t-shirts kind of like a mini Kickstarter. You design a shirt, set a price, and the shirt only gets printed if there are enough orders. You get a design you like, TeeSpring makes something on the shirt, and I take a cut of the price. This could be a really easy way for small schools and non-profits to sell t-shirts with absolutely no money out of pocket.

So I wanted to try TeeSpring but I didn't have an idea for a shirt. I've also been obsessing over the Serial Podcast like the rest of the world and that's when I hit on an idea.

An Experiment
For the past six months I've been talking with schools and non-profits about how social media is a long game. The goal of social media is to establish relationships and build social capital through generosity. I believe social media marketing is like moving to a new neighborhood: you don't ask to borrow your neighbor's hedge clippers until you've lent them a ladder.

How You Can Help
So here goes! I've been blogging, tweeting, and Facebooking for a while now. I love it - I love making new connections, helping people, and discussing ideas. The question I have is this: do I have enough social capital to spend on a T-Shirt?

Let's find out! Check out my campaign. If you get the joke buy a t-shirt. Let's find out how this social capital / crowd funding business works. Have you used Kickstarter for your school or non-profit? How about TeeSpring? Let us know in the comments!