Training & Facilitation

"Wow! This is undoubtably one of the best tech conferences I have ever attended. I will certainly feel much more confident next year and I am really excited about introducing this material to my students." - Workshop Attendee

Technology integration can help schools achieve results when executed thoughtfully and that means starting with your teachers! All trainings can be fully customized and may last from a few hours to a few days depending on your needs.

iPad Teacher Training

Suitable for K-12 teachers in public and independent schools.

Here are some sample sessions:
  • iOS Basics
  • Best practices from successful 1:1 programs
  • Best practices from successful iPad cart programs
  • iMovie / Garageband
  • Classroom management
  • Flip Teaching
  • iBooks Author
  • Organize / Replace / Innovate model
  • Projecting from iPad
  • Formative assessment apps
  • Note taking
  • eHandouts
  • Learning Management Systems
  • eTextbooks
  • Pages / Numbers / Keynote
  • Research apps
onCampus / onMessage
WhippleHill's powerful LMS and CMS can transform the parent / student / teacher dynamic. Let me help you train your faculty to get the most out of these tools. Topics include:

  • Understanding goals for use of onCampus / onMessage
  • Overview of the elements and conventions of onCampus / onMessage
  • Building pages, landing pages and PushPages
  • Bulletin Board, syllabi & communicating with parents & students
  • Assignments & Grade Book
  • Topics
  • onCampus Attach

Leadership Retreat
Your leadership team needs to have the tools to work together effectively. I enjoy helping teams come together to maximize their effectiveness. Topics include:
  • Team building
  • Integrating new team members
  • Change in leadership
  • Goal setting
  • SWOT analysis
Video Production
If you don't have the resources to hire in a video production team why not do it yourself? Topics include:
  • Planning
  • 'Budget Pro' video kit
  • Student film production
  • Filming & editing