"I loved your belief that teachers will change education, not devices. I think this is the proper perspective." 
- School Administrator

Values-Driven Technology Audit
Technology is an important element of a compelling independent school experience. It can make teachers more efficient and school communication more effective. But technology use can transcend efficiency. 21st century skill development, student-centered classrooms, and asynchronous learning are just some ways powerful devices and compelling teachers can combine to positively change the educational paradigm.

Too often decisions about technology are made for the wrong reasons or without the support of key stakeholders. When new products are released the school may assess features to make a decision about adoption. As more and more products are released the number of choices and features quickly becomes overwhelming. Since technical knowledge is important for assessing ever more expensive products decisions may be made by technically skilled administrators or financial experts.

The Values-Driven Technology Audit takes place in four phases:

  1. Infrastructure & Program Review - Deliverable: written capacity report
  2. Mission / Vision / Values - Deliverable: written technology mission statement, vision statement and core values
  3. Recommendations - Deliverable: written recommendations designed to achieve the vision
  4. Implementation - Deliverable: Optional implementation support if desired

Other strategic services:
  • Social media competitive analysis
  • Website / Mini-Site Redesign
  • onCampus / onMessage Launch
  • eBook Rollout
  • iPad Program Audit