"I keep watching this video over and over again and sharing it with all my friends, it's awesome!" - Parent

Making great plans and executing on them is important but don't you also want to tell everyone about the remarkable work you are doing? Video is one great way to get your message across.

Want to produce more video in-house? Ask about our video production trainings for your communications department.

Web Content Production
Are you behind on your site launch? Need help building pages or creating templates? Let me know, I can help! My strengths include:

  • WhippleHill page building in onMessage and Podium
  • Email templates in WhippleHill PushPage and inResonance Broadcaster
  • Social media content production

Contract Video Production
Some times you don't have the time or desire to develop in-house talent but you need a high quality video produced on a deadline. Here is a sample of my work to get your ideas started. What kind of video should we produce together?

One Minute Demo Reel

Admission Acceptance Video

Two Person Profile - Theater Program

Program Highlight - Academic Program

Testimonial - Marci's Story in Academic Support

Narrative Film - Hot Pockets