Why I Do What I Do


My name is Hans and I've been an educator since 1995. Last June I left New Hampton School to start my own company. Hands down leaving a school to start a company is one of the scariest things I've ever done.

The reason I took this crazy step was because I saw schools struggling with technology integration, social media, marketing, and strategy and I feel I have something to offer to these conversations. 

Here's what I believe: 

Good process creates good results.

Teachers and students should be engaged with technology integration in meaningful ways.

You can tell the story of your school in a compelling and authentic voice.

As a result of these beliefs I've built three groups of products specifically focused on schools and non-profits:

  • School technology audit
  • Whipplehill product launch
  • Social media competitive analysis
Training & Facilitation
  • 1:1 iPad / Laptop teacher training
  • Whipplehill training
  • Video production bootcamp
Web & Video
  • Video production

If you're new here and are curious what I'm all about check out my new series Conversations with Dan to get a sense of what I'm thinking about this week.

I look forward to being of service!


Hans Mundahl