The Complete Guide to Inbound Marketing

Visitors to your school’s website have a diverse range of goals: Prospective families are evaluating the merits of your programs; current families are seeking updates on their children’s experience; current students and teachers need resources available online; and alumni or parents of alumni may wonder how the school they love so dearly is evolving over time.

This eBook will help you audit your site to make sure it’s performing as a highly functional inbound marketing engine for your school.

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Making Video with your Phone

The best camera is the one you already have: your phone! This course will focus on creating and distributing compelling 'authentic' style content right from your phone. We also discuss the three best videos you can make right away: the event highlight, one question / many answers, and construction tour.

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Notability for Teachers & Students

With over 60 video lectures this step-by-step course will guide teachers and students through basic and advanced topics to get the most out of Notability on the iPad (App Store link). Each unit includes in depth videos, sample handouts, and a practice activity. Topics include getting started, taking notes, passing in work, and sample activities.

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The Filmmaker's Workbook

The Filmmaker’s Workbook is a hands-on guide to making movies for student filmmakers. Our platform-neutral approach to the building blocks of short narrative filmmaking can be used as a part of a class or as a stand alone toolkit. Use this workbook with any camera, computer, or editing software. Includes 20 rubrics and other resources for educators!

Available for iPad, iPhone, and Mac.

Teaching with the ipad

Frustrated by the lack of materials available specifically for teachers using the iPad, I worked with a small team of teachers to create Teaching With the iPad, a handbook for educators.

Chapters include:
Getting Started Philosophy Classroom Tasks Content Creation Sample Lessons Appendix & Additional Resources

Available for iPad, iPhone, and Mac.

How to Chose, Rollout, and Use a Learning Management System

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 12.02.35 PM.png

You’ve heard of learning management systems, but what exactly it would mean for your school? Would it mean your school would become more connected? How about more one-on-one time for students? Or what about easy access to grades for parents?

With the right learning management system, your school can expect all of those things and a whole lot more.

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Budget Pro Video Kit

You don't need to bust your budget to make video that looks and sounds awesome! Our Budget Pro Video Kit is a great place to get started when you want to take your work to the next level.

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