Inspired faculty? Informed students? We've got you covered.

Are your faculty ready to be inspired to innovate? Do your students need some information but don't want to be talked down to? Does your association need information about the broader context? Our speaking engagements are engaging, exciting, and can be fully customized. Chose one of the topics below or let us know what you need!

Where does innovation come from?

How do we create cultures of innovation in our schools? How do we find the balance between urgent  and important? This talk, intended for faculty, administrators, or associations focuses on the risks and opportunities of lateral thinking. We include actionable strategies that teams can immediately implement.


Digital Marketing Trends & Best Practices

Sometimes it feels like the online world is changing so rapidly it's impossible to keep up. This high level conversation targeted at boards and administrative teams will help unpack the latest trends in digital marketing. Do you know the two different types of online video you should be making? Are you following the 80-20-1 rule in your social media marketing? Does your home page do the three things it should? This talk will explain these important best practices and much more.


A new vision of educational technology

Does your school have an iPad or Chrome Book program? Are you wondering what's next? Should there be something next... or should you focus on what you are doing well now? This platform-neutral talk outlines a new vision for educational technology that can be implemented at any school with any budget.


Social Media Do's & Don'ts for Students

If you work with students you know that social media can be as much a powerful tool as a negative influence on school culture. This talk is nonjudgemental, engaging, and fun - the perfect match for an all school assembly or evening meeting.  While entertaining the audience we also talk about the remarkable opportunities and negative consequences that can come from social media use. 


Drones - Best Practices & Rules of the Road

Drones are becoming ever more popular tools for education, marketing, and fun. But how should institutions respond to this rapidly growing (and somewhat concerning) new tool? This talk, suitable for educators and administrators, will outline the best tools, current best practices, and offer a few suggestions for things to avoid.


Interested in a speaking engagement? Don't see what you are looking for? Let us know - we'd love to create a custom presentation for your audience.

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