Hans involves everyone in the conversation in an authentic way. He creates an environment where people feel willing to talk and reassured their voices are being heard.
— Dan Love, New Hampton School

Technology is an important element of a compelling school experience. It can make teachers more efficient and effective.

But technology integration can transcend efficiency. 21st-century skill development, student-centered classrooms, and asynchronous learning are just some ways powerful devices and compelling teachers can combine to positively change the educational paradigm.

Too often decisions about technology are made for the wrong reasons or without the support of key stakeholders. When new products are released the school may assess features to make decisions about adoption. As more and more products are released the number of choices and features quickly becomes overwhelming. How to chart a path forward? 

Take a comprehensive approach with our Values-Driven Technology Audit or focus on a particular program with a Program Review.


Values-Driven Technology Audit

  • Comprehensive school-wide tech audit

  • Fully customized
  • Advance discovery period
  • Multi-day site visit
  • Findings & recommendations

Program Review

  • Focused review of a program or initiative

  • Targeted tactical feedback
  • One day site visit
  • Findings and recommendations