Working with Hans Mundahl & Associates allowed us to develop greater strategic clarity around issues of technology integration and constituent outreach. Hans connects easily – almost effortlessly – with his audience and leaves the people he’s working with feeling like they’re the smartest one in the room. Of course, that’s part of genius: he’s as empowering as he is interested in identifying relevant, unique solutions!
— Derek Krein, Tabor Academy

Your website is your first impression.

We help create sites that communicate brand messages as well as facts. We believe in the power of design, composition, video, and social media to tell a compelling story about the value of your brand. 

If you are about to start a redesign of your website or you aren't sure if your social media outreach is working we can help through an audit or competitive analysis.


Web Site Audit

A recent SSATB study found that your website is more important in the admission process than an educational consultant or social media when helping parents choose a school. Yet school sites can suffer from too many editors or become cluttered with too much text, outdated information, and ineffective composition.

Our web site audit will help ensure your site is serving the marketing and communication needs of the school by:

  • Comparing the design and operation of the site to established best practices
  • Celebrating effective strategies
  • Recommending remediation for ineffective or outdated strategies

The audit assesses your site on eight standards and more than fifty indicators.

Social Media Audit

Social media is a powerful way to leverage one of the most useful marketing tools: word of mouth. By allowing others to tell your story you position yourself as an authority. Engaging as your school brand with parents and students on social media helps build buzz.

But often schools struggle with evaluating the success of their social media efforts. How much time is enough time to spend on social media? How much time is too much? Our social media audit helps you answer these questions by putting them in context.

  • Where are you strong and where are the opportunities for you to more effectively tell your story?
  • How much social capital are you building?
  • What should your next steps be?